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The Salon

The Salon

BLOW has been here for the last 5 years hiding behind an old name, like the nerd you used to go to school with thats now all grown up and uber Berlin cool! It started when a little Englsih dude came to work with a sexy (black) diamond in the city center of Rotterdam.

5 Years later BLOW is here and she is FIERCE. We created BLOW because we wanted a place where people walk in and feel at home. Feet up, jacket off, … everything but take a nice long bath.

We trained with top companies and we trained other people for top companies so we know our stuff. Its then our job to colloborate with you to create the most amazing, beautiful, stylish, stunning art works that you see and wear every day. Like James Bond, we get our hand dirty but we do it with style, class and sometimes a pair of scissors.

We love what we do and we hope it shows because being creative makes us happy, and its what were really good at.

We get inspired by everything around us and from far away. You want to wear a kimono, wear it. You want to go out dancing, throw on some glitter and go. You want cocktails on a roof terrace, do it, but take an umbrella. We’ll make sure that the hair fits with the rest of you.

Cars should be sporty.Towels should be practical. A dwarf in a club should be ‘kort pittig’. But your hair should be an extention of you to take you from Sunday hangover back to Saturday night walking in the bar feeling stunning… with a little help from us In a world full of Kardashians… be the Beyonce.




Wash, Cut & Stylefrom 57.50
Wash, Cut & Style (students/ only tuesday till thursday)from 41.00
Wash, Cut & Style (up to 17 years old)from 34.50
Wash & Stylefrom 41.00
Hair Upfrom 52.50
Colourfrom 54.60
Lightening/Blonding and Bleachingfrom 50,00
Highlights/Balayage/Foilage and all non standard coloursfrom 64,50


Wash, Cut & Stylefrom 46.50
Wash, Cut & Style (students/Only tuesday till thursday)from 35.00
Wash, Cut & Style (up to 17 years old)from 34.50

We are a proud user of OLAPLEX in all our lifting procerdures to ensure your hair the best possible quality and end result. All prices include washing and styling... We advise you to call the salon for any advanced colour such as Balayage or Ombre!

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